Black Gold Farms
About Black Gold Farms partners
We treat your land like we do our own

More than 80 years ago, we began planting potatoes on ten acres in the Red River Valley. Since then, Black Gold Farms has evolved into a global operation with more than 20,000 acres in production around the country. But some things have remained the same. We are deeply rooted in the land and each of the communities where we live and work, and we continue to measure success by our ability to sustain the soil and the business for generations to come.

Together, we grow

Our land partners are valued members of our Black Gold family. We appreciate the use of their land and every day our goal is to leave it better than we found it. We pay a fair price to rent it. And we believe that long-term relationships founded on trust and reliability will result in ongoing success and profitability for Black Gold Farms and all of our business partners.

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Black Gold Farms land selection considerations
  • Sandy loam
  • Well drained
  • Rock and foreign material free
  • Good access
  • Reliable water source
  • Pivot-irrigated (where applicable)
  • 3-year rotation
  • Black Gold Farms requires field histories on rented ground to include: pesticides, crops, etc.
  • Black Gold Farms will keep records of all activities and applications that take place on ground